Case Study

Minimising Resource Challenges for Global Health Service Organisation

The business case:

A global USA health services organisation sought a global payroll provider to consolidate its payroll function and efficiently manage data required to process payroll while decreasing the effort required by their internal resources.

The challenges:

  • PeopleSoft HRIS implemented globally with no country specific capability
  • Inconsistent time recording systems, across customer countries of operation
  • The client wished to align its payroll systems with PeopleSoft HR
  • Workforce unhappy due to the errors on payroll and lack of communication
  • Heavy reliance on manual processes and excel sheets, consuming resource and leading to errors

Our solution:

activpayroll implemented a suite of technology solutions to aid the efficient collation and transfer of data required for accurate payroll processing. PeopleSoft remains the primary HR solution but is augmented through activ8, adding employee payment / deduction data (via ePeople) and T&A data (via eTime).

  • Global Payroll: Global payroll processing solution implemented.
  • activ8: Implementation of online activ8 SaaS (ePay, eFile, ePeople, and eTime) to replace inefficient manual processes and to improve reporting.
  • activTechnology: Standard integration of payroll systems with PeopleSoft to share data efficiently, and maximise ROI in technologies.


  • Significant reduction of manual processes: Replacement of all possible manual processes, reducing the effort to drive the payroll process
  • Significant reduction in errors and reruns: Replacing the manual processes has increased the automation throughout the payroll process and dramatically reduced both the number of errors and reruns related to the payrolls
  • Advanced, automated Integration: The PeopleSoft integration delivers an encrypted custom format file nightly via SFTP, providing all changes for the previous 60 days and all pending changes for the next 30 days. Errors are trapped and reported back automatically
  • Significant reduction of client resource and effort: HR Managers maintain the payment / deduction data for employees within ePeople (augmenting the core HR data received from PeopleSoft). Employees record their time in eTime, which is then approved by their line manager (as allocated with activ8)
  • Improved cost control: On payroll process completion the journal data is issued back to the client (in the agreed format) for import into their finance system (Oracle)
  • Effective Implementation: The integrations are used regularly in 2 countries covering approx. 1500 employees