activpayroll, a leading provider of global payroll and HR solutions, is delighted to announce the successful acquisition of LIMES International (‘LIMES’), an acclaimed global mobility, tax, HR advisory and payroll management company headquartered in the Netherlands. This transaction significantly bolsters activpayroll’s capabilities within the global mobility, tax and HR advisory sector, and introduces invaluable in-country expertise for Dutch and Belgian payroll services catering to international clients. Furthermore, it adds the MILES product line offering Employer of Record services to provide a comprehensive solution for companies seeking to hire talent in the Netherlands.

Anna Jackson Managing Director of Commercial Operations ctivpayroll

Anna Jackson, MD of Commercial Operations at activpayroll, underlines the significance of the acquisition, stating: 

“By integrating the deep expertise of LIMES consultants into our global mobility services, we are taking a momentous step forward in enhancing our service quality and global reach. Together with the leadership at LIMES, we have ambitious plans to further elevate the expertise in all our key locations, creating a powerhouse that will support our customers and clients as they expand worldwide.”

Age Seinstra, equity partner at LIMES International adds: 

"Our dream is to expand the LIMES tax & global mobility formula world-wide. Fusing activpayroll's global payroll services and LIMES tax and global mobility enables us to enhance and grow the existing tax and global mobility service lines across the globe. This will provide organisations with a pragmatic and agile solution for the increasingly globalised workforce. We are proud of our LIMES teams in the Netherlands and Belgium and trust that this step will create further growth and opportunities for all existing and future staff in realising their personal cross border ambitions together with activpayroll.”

Nick Southwell, CFO at activpayroll adds:

“Our payroll customers will benefit from the extensive expertise of the Dutch and Belgian payroll teams, while our global mobility customers will appreciate the expanded capabilities of our GMob team. Additionally, our newly introduced services, such as Employer of Record and HR advisory services, will provide our clients with even more compelling reasons to collaborate with us. We are very excited about the amalgamation of our businesses and the value it will bring to both our current and future customers.”


Mike Reynolds, Investment Lead at Tenzing added: 

"The addition of LIMES to the activpayroll family is a testament to their dedication to expanding their global reach and service offerings. This acquisition opens new doors for activpayroll and positions them for even greater success in the global mobility and HR advisory sectors.”


Anna Jackson concludes: 

activpayroll and LIMES, combined, will grant access to an invaluable global network for tackling complex assignments and adapting to evolving business requirements with flexibility and scalability. With our unwavering commitment to exceptional service and our remarkable team, this union will serve as a unique selling point for both activpayroll and LIMES, as we work tirelessly to assist our customers in their pursuit of growth and success”.


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