Multi-country payroll no longer means endless challenges for businesses

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Complete control and visibility of your global payroll

Managing payroll on a global scale can be a complex challenge. Navigating the complexities of diverse regulations, multiple data streams, and compliance often feels like an uphill battle, with lack of clarity. We partner with you and your business to make sense of global payroll and payment complexity in over 150 countries.

Payroll Services- complete control

Seamless payroll management for your global needs

Our people, processes and technology help you navigate the complexity of global payroll, ensuring your people are paid compliantly, on time, every time. We bring visibility and clarity to your global payroll performance. We support businesses in over 150 countries by navigating the intricacies of local legislation, taking care of your people and helping you maintain compliance internationally.

Our global specialists are always by your side helping you navigate the complexity of multi-country business operations, so you can gain clarity and get ahead.


activ8 - a secure global payroll solution

Our payroll platform activ8 helps automate and improve your payroll processes, making processing payroll quick and accurate whilst reducing administration time and boosting your operational efficiency.

With activ8 you get vital visibility and total control giving you peace of mind in knowing that your payroll is accurate, secure and compliant.

Our system agnostic integration approach means we can connect to any combination of HR and financial systems, taking you even further by helping you gain complete visibility.

Why activpayroll is the right global payroll partner for your business

Compliant Payroll
Compliant payroll in over 150 countries.
activpayroll international payments
Local remittance solutions.
Seamless integrations with your HR and Finance data.
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Global country specialists of local regulations and laws.
Automation processes helping make processing payroll quick and accurate.
Enhanced reporting giving you complete control and visibility of your payroll.

Global payroll in over 150 countries


Pay the people that matter most, no matter where they are in the world

As your business evolves and operates in new locations across the world, so does the need to manage international payments, but this isn’t always simple work.

Conducting business and paying your employees on a global scale means getting to grips with the co-ordination of local legalisations.

Our international payments team will help you design a compliant payments solution that works around your business and ensures your employees are paid on time.

Secure Payments-1

Secure Payments

Secure local currency payments.

Central Account

Central Account

Payments made from a centrally funded account with access to local clearing systems.


No Transaction Fees

Net, statutory, and third-party payments with low to no transaction fees.
Credit Score - Payments-1

Business Credit

Guaranteed credit amounts to beneficiaries.

Global Payroll spotlight

OFX has 500+ global employees across multiple global payroll systems and providers, making their payroll complex, inefficient and prone to error alongside having limited control and visibility of their payroll.

Partnering with activpayroll, together we delivered seamless and integrated global payroll across a suite of solutions that gave OFX complete global visibility and control of their payroll, reducing the risk of being uncompliant and ensuring payroll efficiency and accuracy.

Payslips per year
Employees paid on time, every time

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