Case Study

Consolidating Payroll

The business case:

A global USA listed Offshore Drilling Company sought a global payroll provider to consolidate its payroll function.

The challenges:

  • PeopleSoft HRIS not integrated to the payroll function
  • Complex mobile workforce, rigs moving tax jurisdictions, highly unionised
  • Inconsistent time recording systems, in comparison to other countries of operation
  • The customer wished to align its payroll systems with PeopleSoft HR & Finance
  • Workforce unhappy due to the errors on payroll and lack of communication
  • A heavy reliance on manual processes and excel sheets, using resources unnecessarily
  • Complex schedule of payment rates and stock options
  • 25% expatriate employees

Our solutions:

activpayroll implemented a managed payroll solution to support the business, aligning the solution to the standard model employed by the customer in other countries around the globe.

  • Global Payroll: The Global Payroll team providing dedicated employee helpline support and payroll processing for all employees, including stock options. Personal approach, tracking and closing enquiries quickly.
  • Global Mobility: Team worked closely with expatriate workforce to maximise benefit of the Living Away From Home Allowance (LAFHA) for employees, also providing full expatriate employee life cycle support. Entity restructures to maximise resource efficiency and ensure compliance.
  • activ8: Implementation of online activ8 SaaS (ePay, eFile, eAdmin, myAccount, eExpense, eLeave, eTime, eReport, eHelp) to replace inefficient manual processes and improve reporting.
  • activTechnology: Standard integration of payroll systems with PeopleSoft to share data efficiently, and maximise ROI in technologies.


  • Significant reduction of manual processes: Replacement of all possible manual processes, to use resources more effectively.
  • Improved reporting: Providing standard payroll reports to decision makers, allowing them to make decisions in the confidence that their data is correct. Drillable data, to allow viewers to seek the detail they require by team, project, and location.
  • Improved employee support: Satisfaction surveys showed a rapid and sustained increase in employee payroll satisfaction after the contract was awarded to activpayroll. Average KPI’s 99.8% during first rolling year of operations.