Our EMEA Projects team pledge their support for Maggie's

Our EMEA Projects team across the UK took time out of their busy schedules to volunteer at various events in their local areas for the charity Maggie’s.

Maggie’s it is an independent charity set up to provide people diagnosed with cancer and their loved ones with a safe space to process the news, away from a clinical hospital environment. The charity covers multiple locations across the UK as well as Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Barcelona.

Every Maggie’s centre is a unique place that fits perfectly into its surroundings – a home from home that’s designed to feel nothing like a hospital. They provide workshops, courses, one-to-one and group support to help people to change the way they live with cancer. All this support is free, and no appointment or referral is needed.

Gillian Kinnaird has provided a brilliant account of the recent volunteering efforts of EMEA Projects team. Read on and feel inspired!

“The Aberdeen team visited the Maggie’s centre in Aberdeen and were impressed with the building both inside and out. There is such a calming feel inside and as with all Maggie’s centres, the kitchen is the central point. It had lots of windows/views/open areas as well as individual rooms for appointments with psychologists and benefits advisors. The whole place has a very spa-like feel and it is clear to see how something like this would be a great help to those dealing with cancer and needing a calming environment away from the hospital setting.

Maggie’s Culture Crawl is an annual event that takes place over a variety of locations across the UK and is their flagship event raising money to support people with cancer. Along the way participants get to see iconic buildings and experience amazing culture first hand, enjoy live entertainment, and get a taster of the life-changing support they provide at Maggie's.

The Glasgow team helped out at the Clydeside distillery stop on the Glasgow Culture crawl. They helped guide the walkers into the venue where they had a table of "Scottish" refreshments set up for them. Participants were then able to take part in the distillery tour which included 3 wee drams to sample, a wander round the shop and then back out where the team were still waiting to guide them on their way.

The Aberdeen team helped the Maggie’s team out the day before the Culture Crawl at their centre, getting together some last-minute prep for the evening - which involved folding over 400 maps for the walk! On the day of the Culture Crawl, they were tasked with the important job of making sure all 300+ participants were registered, given maps and t-shirts, and ready to set off together which went pretty smoothly and was great seeing the enthusiasm of those taking part (although this was likely due to the free prosecco vouchers we were handing out as well as the great weather!)

The Manchester Culture Crawl is not until later in the year, so our Manchester team took to the sunny streets of the city centre one morning on behalf of Maggie’s, collecting donations towards cancer care and handing out leaflets to raise awareness for the Manchester Culture Crawl.

All in all, a fantastic charity to be involved in and was great having the insight of what Maggie’s is about and the great work they do as well as being able to be involved and help them out where we could 😊”

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