Thailand: New COVID-19 Relief Measures Announced

Thailand: New COVID-19 Relief Measures Announced

In May 2021, the Thai government announced two new measures to assist employees and employers during the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, including a reduction in social security contributions.

Measure 1

On Tuesday 18 May 2021, the cabinet approved a temporary reduction in Social Security Fund contributions for both employees and employers from June to August 2021. Contributions have been reduced from 5% to 2.5%, based on wages capped at 15,000 baht. Therefore, both employees and employers will make contributions of between 41 to 375 baht.

*This measure was still in draft form as of 25 May 2021.

Measure 2

On Monday 24 May 2021, the Royal Thai Government Gazette published a notification extending the deadline for filing monthly withholding income tax returns (Form P.N.D.1) electronically for June and July 2021 to August 2021.

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