Singapore has introduced a new way of accessing digital government services - what do businesses need to know?

Initially rolled out in September 2016, the Singapore Corporate Access system - known as ‘CorpPass’ - will become the required form of login for businesses in Singapore wishing to use digital government services after December 2017. CorpPass is designed to simplify and secure interactions with these services, allowing multiple authorised users within a business to login and transact.

From SingPass to CorpPass

With CorpPass, employees and other personnel can be given individual access, and use it for their business interactions with government services. CorpPass privileges can be closely controlled - admins can authorise third-party users on a temporary basis, and also decide which government services can be accessed by those users.

Businesses which fail to make the change to CorpPass will find themselves unable to access a range of essential services.

Who is CorpPass for?

CorpPass will be required by:

  • Local entities within Singapore possessing a Unique Entity Number (UEN)
  • Foreign entities wishing to access Singapore government digital services (from mid-2018)

The introduction of CorpPass does not eliminate SingPass, which will continue to be used by certain individual businesses like taxi drivers and street vendors, and local entities without a UEN like joint ventures and trust funds. Only current SingPass holders will be able to apply - entities not currently holding a SingPass ID will have to wait until 2018 before being able to use CorpPass to access government services.

At current, more than 130 Singapore government digital services are already onboard CorpPass.

How will CorpPass work?

To get started on CorpPass, a business entity should identify the following roles within your organization:

  • Registered Officer: The CorpPass requires a named representative of a business registered with ACRA, usually a director, partner or secretary. This ‘Registered Officer’ (RO) is then able to approve CorpPass Administrators.
  • Administrator: CorpPass admins have a hands-on role - and are authorised to create CorpPass accounts, and manage the accounts’ access to the various government services available. Business entities may only assign a maximum of 2 CorpPass admins, who will normally hold senior roles in admin, finance or HR.
  • Sub-Administrator: Sub-admins assist admins in the hands-on management and creation of CorpPass accounts. Up to 25 sub-admins per entity can be assigned by admins, but do not require RO approval.
  • Enquiry User: Enquiry Users transact directly with government services through their entity’s CorpPass account, and can view details of the entire CorpPass setup. Enquiry Users are created by admins (or sub-admins), and there are no restrictions on the number of people who can be assigned the role.
  • User: Users transact with government digital services on behalf of their corporate entity, but have no higher access to the CorpPass setup. There is no restriction on the number of users per entity, and the role should be assigned to Payroll execs or HR managers.

Each separate business entity (with a UEN) wishing to transact with government services will need its own CorpPass accounts - meaning it will need to appoint admins, sub-admins, and so on. CorpPass accounts can be accessed via most browsers, on Windows (and Windows Phone), OS (and iOS), and Android (Chrome).

Obtaining a CorpPass

Setting up a CorpPass is relatively straightforward and does not involve a fee. Registration begins with an entity’s RO appointing an admin (or admins) who will handle the online registration of the pass itself. The admin then applies for a CorpPass through the online portal - the application process requires:

  • The entity’s UEN
  • The admin’s personal details
  • The RO’s personal details

Once the account registration is approved and the account set up, admins can go on to appoint sub-admins, enquiry users, and users, and restrict or permit access to the digital services their entity wishes to transact with. Registration shouldn’t take long - and a CorpPass Helpdesk is available should businesses encounter a problem.

Most of Singapore’s digital government services have already made the transition to CorpPass. Businesses within the city, or foreign entities in time to come, wishing to interact with those services, should do the same - or risk disruption to their own operations.

If you want to know more about doing business in Singapore, check out activpayroll’s dedicated Insight Guide for the city.


Please note that activpayroll is unable to set-up CorpPass on your behalf due to Singapore government regulations. We recommend our clients to contact their local Director or Corporate Secretary for arrangement and set up of CorpPass account. After setting up your CorpPass account, activpayroll will be able to assist with further instructions detailing how to authorise third-party entities to do filing on your behalf.

For information regarding CorpPass setup, users can visit, or refer to CorpPass online guides. If additional assistance is required, users can contact the CorpPass Helpdesk at +65 6643 0577 (8 am to 8 pm on Mondays to Fridays, 8 am to 2 pm on Saturdays), via email

Please note that failing to register for CorpPass might result in activpayroll not being able to do filing on your behalf.

This is a requirement that will come into force from December 2017 in Singapore and is important. We need to make sure that the clients do not see this as a pure payroll thing. This is a new requirement for all companies in Singapore and will be required for all interactions between companies and the Singapore government.

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