Our Talent Pipeline explained

Our Talent Pipeline explained

Amber Heaton our Talent and Resourcing Coordinator explains how the Talent Pipeline works and how it helps manage the flow of top talent into our business

Amber Heaton is our Talent and Resourcing Coordinator and, since joining us in 2022, has taken on the responsibility for managing and developing the activpayroll Talent Pipeline.

We took some time to have a chat with Amber and find out how the Talent Pipeline works and how it helps manage the flow of top talent into our business.

Thanks for taking the time to catch up and tell us all about your Talent Pipeline. Let’s start at the beginning and a bit of scene setting, what does your job involve?

Well I’m the Talent and Resourcing Coordinator here at activpayroll which means that essentially, I assist with recruiting for all our roles on a global basis. In addition to recruitment I also get involved with the learning development area of our work which is great as I get to see how the people I recruit are progressing and thriving.

My main aim is to find the right people for the right roles – it’s so important to get the right fit for everyone involved in the process, for the candidate and for the business.

Of course, another key area of my work, and the reason for our chat today, is that I help grow and manage the Talent Pipeline.

So you’ve told us a bit about recruitment and how you’re responsible for finding the best person for each role but how does the Talent Pipeline fit into your work?

As I mentioned I am responsible for growing and managing our Talent Pipeline which is the key to sourcing the best people for our roles. Often when I’m reviewing CVs or holding interviews, I can tell that this is potentially a fantastic candidate who has the right attitude and skills for the business but that the role they’ve applied for isn’t the perfect fit. This is where the Pipeline comes into play. We don’t want to miss out on these brilliant candidates and the Pipeline allows us to keep in touch and contact them when a suitable position becomes available.

I can see how that works for the business but how does the Pipeline work for candidates?

What the Pipeline offers is the ability for candidates to register their interest in working for activpayroll and be confident that we will be actively keeping an eye out for any suitable roles. As the company is growing globally it’s very much the case that there are possibilities everywhere you look - and my job is to match people into these roles. You could say it’s like a dating agency only for jobs!

That all sounds great but how do I get on the Pipeline?

We’ve kept the process nice and simple; it couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is go to the activpayroll careers page and if you don’t see the perfect role for you advertised there’s an option to register your interest. Once you register and send us your CV you have, in effect joined the pipeline. Your CV comes direct to me, and I will review it and see if you are a potential fit for any jobs that I know are on the horizon. Once a suitable role arises, I’ll be in touch to see if you’re still available and are keen to come for an interview.

Alternatively if you’ve been for an interview but weren’t the right fit for that specific position but we thought you would be better suited to a different role we’ll ask if we can add your details to the Pipeline. That way I can get in touch when the perfect role comes up and see if you’re still interested and want to progress an application.

What happens once I’m on the Pipeline?

We won’t overwhelm you with emails. The Pipeline is very light touch, and we will only contact you when we think there’s a role you might be interested in, or to check that you still want to be registered with us.

We certainly don’t bombard you with business updates and salesy emails, we think a better way to keep up to date with activpayroll is to follow us on social media. That way you are in charge of when and how you get our news.

What type of roles does activpayroll typically have to offer?

As we’re a global business and offer remote and hybrid working there are plenty of options. While there are many different types of roles some of our most common are payroll processor, project manager and global mobility specialists. That’s one of the best things about my work, the variety of roles that I handle on a day-to-day basis.

As an aside I’d also say please don’t worry too much about experience as we are more focused on finding someone with the right skills and attitude for each role we advertise.

Thanks for your time, you sound like you’re going to be kept busy with all our plans for growth!

Absolutely, as we grow and continue to win new business, I’m only going to be busier and that’s why the Talent Pipeline is so vital to my work. Having quality potential employees who I can reach out to when I have roles to fill will make my life so much easier. Of course the fact that everyone on the Pipeline knows a bit about us and our work means we are all better informed and prepared when we get to the interview stage.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the opportunities we have to offer I’d urge you to take a look at the Careers Page on our website. And remember, if you don’t see the perfect job on offer register with us and join our Talent Pipeline.