Mutual respect and recognition is key to their success

Undoubtedly one of our biggest overseas success stories is our Dubai office which has grown from humble beginnings in 2019 to a veritable powerhouse in 2022.

Based in Dubai’s Silver tower our 16 strong team is busy processing around 200 payrolls every month.

Kimberly Morrison is our Payroll Operations Manager for the Middle East and heads up this industrious team. Kimberly said; ‘I could never have imagined when I moved out to Dubai in 2018 to work out my home office that in less than five years we’d have grown to this level.

‘I feel privileged to be working with an awesome, strong team who share my passion for the job and creating a culture of mutual respect and recognition.

‘We’re incredibly busy with well over 170,000 pay slips processed last year and the likelihood we’ll surpass 250,000 this year but thanks to the professionalism and enthusiasm of our team we’ll continue delivering exceptional customer service and thoroughly enjoy yourselves doing it.’

The office serves as a regional hub which allows us support our customers successfully grow the business in the UAE and the wider Middle East region.

We’ve been providing payroll services to customers in the Middle East and processing UK payroll, for over 18 years. And are proud to say that all our employees are CIPP qualified.

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