Career development isn’t just a priority for us it’s a necessity, so when we see talent we want to hold on to it.

The ability for our staff to achieve their career ambitions with us is key to our ongoing success and as an enterprising and agile business we’re going the extra mile to make this happen.

So far in 2022 we’ve seen nine members of our team make the move to a new career, while staying with the activpayroll family. A brilliant example of someone seizing this opportunity is Kathryn Arthur!

Kathryn started working with us in August 2020 as an EMEA payroll coordinator after the pandemic forced a career change from her previous role in travel sales. While relatively new to the business she brought the kind of focus, commitment and can-do attitude that allowed her to make her career change possible.

Kathryn explained what led to the move: ‘I really enjoyed my job in payroll but when we were asked to share and recommend activpayroll careers on social media I noticed the Proposals Analyst role and I was immediately intrigued. It seemed made for me as it combined my experience of negotiation and pricing gained when I worked in events and travel sales, with my payroll experience.’

Kathryn had a timely annual review in the offing and used the intervening period to research the new role and build a strong case as to how her skills and experience made her a perfect match. Skills which clearly demonstrated her suitability for the role she had set her sights on.

Kathryn explained: ‘I had my annual review scheduled in for the following week and I decided to raise the possibility of applying for the role with my manager. I was really nervous about how she’d feel about me asking to move out of her team but she was great and helped me take the next step. However I was confident I could add real value to the new role and make a positive impact for the business.’

Fast forward a few months and Kathryn has now moved from EMEA payroll to Proposals Analyst; and is absolutely loving it. Taking that bold initial step by having the conversation with her manager has resulted in a great move for both Kathryn and activpayroll.

The personal benefits of an internal career move are perfectly summed up by Kathryn: ‘Being able to switch careers within the same company was a brilliant opportunity as I’ve still got the same great colleagues and all the benefits activpayroll offer. And now I’ve got a new job which combines my previous skills with the experience I gained here!’

David Deacon, Chief People Officer reflected on Kathryn’s journey from Payroll Coordinator to Proposals Analyst: ‘I am delighted to hear how a thoughtful and considered professional like Kathryn was able to develop her career with us. This is exactly the kind of story we want to shout about so others can follow in her footsteps.

‘Through a process of research, foresight and positive action the team has been able to share Kathryn’s career ambitions and retain a valuable talent within our business. I’d like to encourage more people make the bold choice, like Kathryn to explore new opportunities at activpayroll’

At activpayroll we’re committed to providing a supportive and positive experience for staff from the moment they sign their contract. From the roll-out of our new and improved onboarding experience; our management training programme; through to encouraging and supporting internal career moves and development; we are determined to think big when it comes to our most vital resource – our people.

If you’re as committed to developing your career as we are, take a look at our careers page and discover your next big opportunity.

By scaling, streamlining, or ensuring your people are taken care of, we bring absolute clarity to your global business.

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