In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, Italy has published new measures regarding the administration of staff in the private sector.

In light of the epidemiological emergency, Italy has published new measures aimed at strengthening the National Health Service and providing economic support to families, workers and businesses.

These new provisions mainly regard the administration of staff in the private sector, with the exclusion of domestic, agricultural and accredited private health workers.

Special rules on ordinary treatment of wage integration and ordinary check.

Under article 19 of the decree in question, employers who in 2020 suspend or reduce their work due to events attributable to the Coronavirus outbreak, can submit an application for the grant of ordinary treatment of wage integration (CIGO) or access to ordinary check (FIS) with reason "emergency COVID-19", for a maximum period of nine weeks. Workers will be guaranteed the figurative contribution.

Workers employed prior to the 23 February 2020 will be able to access the measure and will not require to have worked at least ninety days.

The application for the causal "COVID-19 emergency" can be submitted until the end of the fourth month following the one in which the suspension or reduction of work began.

Measures for “Cassa integrazione in deroga”

The integration intervention in derogation is aimed at private sector employers for whom the protections provided for by the current provisions on suspension or reduction of hours do not apply.

As a consequence of the epidemiological emergency COVID-19, regions can therefore recognise, subject to an agreement that can also be completed electronically with the union, salary redundancy treatments in derogation, for the duration of the suspension of the employment relationship and in any case for a period not exceeding nine weeks.

Employee premium

Article. 63 of the Law Decree, in relation to employees with a total income of an amount not exceeding € 40,000, for the month of March 2020, provides for the payment of a prize of € 100. This bonus, which does not contribute to the formation of income, will be related to the number of work days carried out by the worker in his place of work in March.

The incentive must be recognized automatically, starting from the remuneration paid in April and in any case within the deadline for carrying out the year-end adjustment transactions. The incentive paid will be compensable by the employer in F24.

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