At activpayroll, we understand the needs of the next generation are different, Amber Heaton, our Recruitment Delivery Lead, tells us about what that looks like for businesses.

It’s becoming increasingly important for organisations to have a well-thought-out strategy for attracting and retaining Gen Z employees. This generation is not just looking for a paycheck — they’re looking for meaningful work and supportive environments that align with their personal values and professional aspirations. Companies that fail to adjust to this shift may find it harder to attract and keep this influential group of workers. Organisations must recognise that Gen Z is surer of what they want and more decisive at younger ages compared to previous generations.

What Gen Z Wants and How to Deliver it

Gen Z employees are distinctive in their holistic approach to evaluating job opportunities. Unlike past generations who might have prioritised salary, this group values a comprehensive benefits package and overall well-being. They desire to work for companies that care about more than just their performance metrics.

For instance, Gen Z employees often look for businesses where their voices are heard, and their ideas are valued regardless of their role and experience. They seek a place where they can see a clear reflection of their personal values and professional goals. They aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo when they believe something needs improvement.

Resolving The Ghosting Issue

Ghosting has become an unfortunate, yet common issue during the hiring process. While it’s challenging to eliminate, there are effective methods to minimise it. One key approach is ensuring a personal touch early in the recruitment process. Communicating directly with candidates via phone can remind them that there’s a real person considering their application, making them less likely to disappear without notice.

Automation in recruitment processes has its benefits, but it’s essential to strike a balance. Personalised communication not only reduces ghosting but also provides candidates with an avenue to express why they might be withdrawing. This can potentially reveal issues that, when addressed, could improve overall recruitment strategies.

Common Pitfalls in Hiring and Onboarding

One major pitfall organisations face during the hiring and onboarding processes is poor communication. From failing to notify candidates about delays in the hiring process to not maintaining regular contact with new hires before they start, these communication lapses can leave candidates feeling undervalued.

It’s crucial to keep candidates informed and feel valued at each stage. Simple acts like a phone call to communicate delays, or regular updates to new hires about preparations for their first day, can significantly boost their perception of the company and their excitement about joining the team.

The Benefits of Getting it Right

Perfecting the recruitment and retention strategies for Gen Z brings a multitude of benefits. Perhaps the most significant is enhancing the company’s reputation. In today’s digital age, social media plays a huge role in shaping perceptions. Positive experiences with a company can lead to glowing reviews and public endorsements online.

On the flip side, one negative experience can tarnish a company’s reputation quickly. Gen Z employees are vocal about their experiences, and social media platforms provide them with the perfect outlet to share. This underlines the importance of companies genuinely caring about their employees and consistently seeking to improve their experiences.

Top Tips for Success

One top tip for attracting and retaining Gen Z employees is ensuring a great candidate experience from the very beginning. Given their quick, decisive nature, making a great first impression is vital. Companies should aim to offer clear communication, personalised interactions, and show a genuine interest in the candidate’s experience right from the moment they submit an application.

Retaining Gen Z requires ongoing efforts to prioritise their well-being and continuously enrich their professional experiences. While these practices are beneficial for employees from any generation, they’re especially critical for Gen Z, who assess their long-term commitment to a company quite rapidly.

As the workforce dynamics continue to evolve, integrating strategies to attract and retain Gen Z employees is no longer optional — it’s a necessity. Companies that acknowledge and adapt to the unique needs of this generation will likely enjoy a motivated, engaged, and loyal workforce. Fostering an environment where employees feel valued, heard, and supported secures not just the company’s success but its reputation as an employer of choice.

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