Hong Kong: Statutory Holidays to Increase by Five Days

Hong Kong: Statutory Holidays to Increase by Five Days

From 2022, one statutory holiday will be added to the calendar every two years until the year 2030. By 2030, all employees in Hong Kong will be entitled to a total of 17 days of statutory holiday per year.

Currently, the majority of employees in blue-collar jobs (around 1.2 million) are only entitled to 12 days of statutory holidays each year, despite the government listing 17 general holidays. If an employer states in the employment agreement that their employees are only allowed to take the 12 statutory days of holiday, they can legally make them work the remaining five days.

These additional days are being introduced as part of a government initiative to help grassroots and the underprivileged in Hong Kong.

From 2022 to 2030, the following statutory holidays will be phased in:

2022 - Buddha's Birthday

2024 – The first weekday after Christmas Day

2026 – Easter Monday

2028 – Good Friday

2030 – The day following Good Friday

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