Get to know the Global Tax Manager of activpayroll's Edinburgh office

What is your name?

Steph Smith

What is your job title?

Global Tax Manager

What do you do at activpayroll?

I provide global mobility compliance and advisory services to globally mobile individuals and their employers.

What key skills do you bring to activpayroll?

With a background in law, I’ve built a wide knowledge of the key issues and concerns that companies with a global footprint have whilst working in global mobility for a Big 4 professional services company. I also have a lot of experience in public speaking and debating, hopefully bringing something a little different to activpayroll’s wide ranging expertise.

What gives you the most satisfaction about your job?

Being able to solve a complex global mobility issue to make our customers compliant and put in place a process which they feel comfortable with going forward is a great feeling. Building strong relationships with customers and colleagues alike makes coming to work every day a pleasure.

How did you get into the Payroll industry and why?

What appealed to me about joining activpayroll after working in other professional services firms was that we could offer a “one-stop shop” for all our customers payroll and global mobility requirements, with the payroll and global mobility teams working closely together to provide a seamless service.

What has been the most challenging project you’ve worked on at activpayroll? Why?

Having only joined activpayroll a few months ago, my biggest challenge so far has been getting to grips with new processes. Whilst it has been a challenge (as it always is starting a new role), it has been a very enjoyable one and I am looking forward to my future with activpayroll.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement outside of activpayroll?

I was elected to the City of Edinburgh Council as a local councillor in May 2017. Being elected to represent the area I grew up in was a great achievement and such a privilege for me. First and foremost, I am passionate about making the area better for the people that live there.

What company value means the most to you and why?

Being committed to service excellence is the most important company value to me. For me, this value encompasses all of our other values – passionate, knowledgeable, accountable and flexible. Without each value, it is impossible to achieve the ultimate goal of providing that excellent customer service our customers deserve.

Do you have any hobbies/what do you like to do in your free time?

I love music. I am a jazz singer and love getting the opportunity to get up on stage to do a few songs with a live jazz band.

Who is your professional role model and why?

Michelle Mone is a wonderful example of how hard work and opportunity can reap success. As a self-made woman in industry, she shows the drive and determination needed to be a success in whichever career you choose.

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be and why?

If she had still been alive today, it would have to be Margaret Thatcher, the first female Prime Minister of the UK. Regardless of whether you agreed with her politically, as a woman in politics, which was very much a man’s world at the time, she achieved something amazing. As a woman who has entered politics, I thank her for paving the way for me, and other women, to realise that there is nothing that you cannot achieve with the right attitude and focus.

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