activpayroll and e-days partner to strengthen global offering

activpayroll and e-days partner to strengthen global offering

activpayroll, the global payroll and employee mobility specialist headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland has partnered with global absence management provider, e-days to form a comprehensive winning formula.

Together, e-days and activpayroll noticed the grey area between absence management and global payroll, two processes so reliant on each other yet often managed in silo.

activpayroll and e-days recognised that global payroll and absence management have now become interdependent; however, with absence management getting more complicated globally, activpayroll realised they were in need of a strategic partner that would complement their expanding business. e-days’ global coverage and integration stood out as the perfect partner for activpayroll.

Founded by CEO Steve Arnold and CTO Chris Moseley, e-days is an award-winning, cloud-based absence management and intelligence platform that makes holiday and absence management easy and accurate for organisations of all sizes, anywhere in the world. e-days delivers for more than 1,500 customers across 120 countries, including brands such as Canon, ASOS, AXA, Monster Energy, Barclays and Sony.

The e-days mission is to provide organisations with key intelligence regarding staff absence - enabling them to build better staff management and wellbeing strategies. Absence intelligence allows businesses to achieve better resourcing insights, save time and money associated with employee absence, and promote excellent employee wellbeing and better health for organisational success.

Alison Sellar, CEO of activpayroll said: “Our customers’ main inefficiencies appeared to be around global compliance with local holidays and sickness rules in the high number of countries we now operate in, as well as unplanned absence and challenges around leave and employee engagement. Finding a partner that was as eager as us to enhance and solve these issues was top of our list.”

By becoming global partners, e-days and activpayroll are looking to turn grey to gold with seamless data integration, detailed pay and leave insight, and to provide a smarter way of working for customers. When the two processes are harmonised, businesses are able to accurately calculate sick leave whilst factoring in financial liability for holiday debt.

Steve Arnold, CEO of e-days said: "There's an important bridge between HR and payroll and that’s absence management. Every decent payroll system should have absence management at its heart: systems that do are so much stronger. The similarities between e-days and activpayroll make this a winning formula and we're looking forward to helping more businesses see the importance of absence, because, absence matters."