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activpayroll - A Workday partner that reduces risk and cost of ownership

activpayroll were proud to be the first PECI certified Workday partner globally.

Workday & activpayroll - working together

Having shared customers since 2007, (Workday’s very early days), activpayroll has had a long, successful track record of integrating its Global Payroll Service with Workday customers. Our history pre-dates all formal Workday partnership frameworks and certification programs, with many customers still using their custom solutions to this day.

Workday Global Payroll Cloud

activpayroll is delighted to be a recognised Workday Global Payroll Cloud partner.

Workday HCM (Human Capital Management)

Our customers utilise Workday’s HCM functionality to manage all HR data for their enterprise - secure in the knowledge that other parties connecting with the data have already been certified via the partner program, and are ready for deployment.

Workday Time Tracking

If you can’t wait for the upcoming PECI based Time Tracking functionality, activpayroll are happy to provide a full Time Tracking integration based on our activ8 certified Time & Attendance connector. Just the ticket for time tracking until PECI catches up!

Payroll Interface Common Input File (PICIF)

With Workday payroll integration, activpayroll is capable of sending payroll results back to the customer’s HCM implementation. The data is delivered via a certified PICIF connector (that’s ‘Payroll Interface Common Input File’ to you and me) which provides full import capability, and enables reporting within Workday HCM.


Workday global payroll solutions bring valuable flexibility to payroll systems. Rather than providing payslips within activ8 via our ePay module, activpayroll can provide payslip integration from ALL of our payroll engines using our activ8 solution. The integration is certified by Workday - securely providing the payslips in a futureproof solution customer can count on.

Global General Interface

As part of our payroll processing service, we produce GL files based on your company’s global chart of accounts (of all shapes and sizes). The process simplifies the critical return of data to your finance system, and ensures that data is available in a timely manner.

Payroll Engines

Our payroll engines provide legislatively-compliant payroll calculations anywhere in the world. Each payroll engine is fed seamlessly through our Workday certified connectors - via our activ8 application.

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One core aspect of GPC is to provide customers with the comfort of a certification layer for the integration between Workday and third-party payroll solutions.

Certification, conducted over a nine-month period, covers both the inputs and outputs to payroll, reducing the complexity, effort, and ultimately cost of integration - both initially and during upgrades. The certification process includes rigorous testing and validation to gauge the interoperability of Workday global payroll solutions with the third-party partner system.

activpayroll is very proud of its long, proven history of customer-based Workday integration activity - and of achieving our new, certified integration status as part of the Workday GPC.

activpayroll was the first Global Payroll Provider to be PECI certified. The previous iteration of Workday connector technology, PICOF, has now been replaced by PECI due to the challenges of “Total Stack” dates - which resulted in inefficiency and manual workarounds. Today, Workday certified PECI connectors help customers from every corner of the world with tailored payroll solutions.

activpayroll - A Workday partner that reduces risk and cost of ownership