activ8 is a set of tools designed to reduce your HR burden.


The planning and control of our payroll processes and resources; from calendar production all the way through to Finance and KPI Reporting.


The collation and seamless blending of any and all payroll related data from any number of customer systems, data sources or spreadsheets.


The secure, encrypted transfer of data throughout our payroll processing network, maximising our global footprint and access to local expertise.


The provision of enterprise level reporting, with class leading visualisation and interactivity to improve visibility at both global or local level, on all aspects of the payroll results.

activ8 tools can be provided as a complete solution or as a custom configuration.


ePay makes employee pay easy, allowing your employees to securely access their records of payment and remuneration throughout their period of employment.


eFile allows you to transfer sensitive data securely via a fully encrypted and auditable transmission process. Security that is essential in the modern business world and critical for the transfer of payroll data and processing.


myAccount provides Employee Self Service to ePeople, enabling your employees to “own” their own HR information - including name, address, contact information and bank account details - reducing your admin burden, whilst ensuring their data is always accurate and up to date.


ePeople is a comprehensive, centrally shared human resource and finance hub that allows you to securely store, input and report information concerning your employees throughout the globe. ePeople offers an unprecedented level of management control for data changes.


eHelp provides users with a direct line to our Service Desk, simplifying the support process. 24/7, wherever you are, whenever you need it.


eExpense is a piece of expenses software that enables your employees to record their expenses in any currency online and helps your organisation track and manage claims efficiently and accurately.


eLeave records and manages employee vacation, sickness and absenteeism, providing a full reporting functionality against your human resource policies.


eTime accurately and comprehensively records employee work time, providing management with detailed time management reports to analyse utilisation and optimise use of resources.


eReport will analyse your data quickly and easily, culminating in brilliant charts, graphs and other visualizations. You can drill down to see exactly what information you need, or build performance dashboards for rapid analysis of pertinent metrics.

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