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As a potential activpayroll customer we thought you might find it helpful to understand how your journey from first enquiry through to established client will play out.

1. Registering your interest

After reaching out for information on our payroll services, often through our enquiry’s mailbox, you’ll be contacted by one of our business development professionals who will provide you with relevant information and be on hand on answer your questions. If we’ve piqued your interest we will hold a demo call with you, these generally last around an hour but can vary in length and will always be tailored to fit your needs. In some cases, these demos have been known to run over several hours to allow all key players in your organisation to take part and have their questions answered.

2. Ironing out the details

If you’re keen to go ahead, and we are confident at this stage you will be, your business development contact will pass your information to our contracts and commercial team. This is where we get into the detail. Together we will confirm the information you provided for the initial quote, including headcount and countries covered, before finalising the finer points around international payment options, use of acitv8 and other integration options. This will result in a fully costed contract agreed by both parties.

Within Contracts & Commercial we have experienced colleagues who are responsible for proposal preparation, both Client and Supplier contract negotiation, execution and administration of commercial contracts – all in accordance with relevant company policies and legal requirements.

3. A smooth transition

Once everyone is happy, it’s over to Implementation where we will work closely with you to make sure we understand in detail, all the specific requirements you have for each and every payroll. The team then oversee the implementation of these payrolls from start to finish. Where needed we will bring in our Technical team to help all integrations run smoothly from the start – one of the benefits of working with a smaller, agile business with the ability to tailor services to fit!

4. Business as usual

Once the Implementation process is complete and you and your payrolls are onboarded, there will be a hand over to Ongoing where your processing will take place. The teams in Ongoing are responsible for delivering our customers' payrolls accurately, on time and in line with current legislation – which ever country the payroll is in. This is where the responsibility for your regular review meetings lies, giving you the opportunity to discuss, review, update and if necessary, improve processes and communications.

You will also be supported by your Key Account Manager who will help ensure that our partnership is able to evolve to meet your needs.

5. Optional extras

Of course, this is a simple journey, however many of our customers will choose the option of adding in some of our additional services. These could be our International payments solution that offers an efficient, secure, and cost-effective service for anyone expanding or operating in multiple locations.

And if you are doing business in multiple countries, you can take advantage of our Global HR and Global Mobility services. We will work with you to make sure you are up to speed with all the tax and HR implications of operating overseas.

Whichever services you choose you can rest assured that our aim is to make your ambitions a reality.

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By scaling, streamlining, or ensuring your people are taken care of, we bring absolute clarity to your global business.

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