Read our thoughts on the motivation behind this key business move and how we can help make this a reality

More and more businesses in Asia are looking at outsourcing their payroll & HR services. This move allows them to concentrate on their core business by freeing up their personnel team to work on strategic tasks that will ultimately benefit their bottom line.

While the cost-benefit of outsourcing in Asia is not always clear-cut, this move is generally driven by three factors:

1. The increasing importance of Asia-based employees to their organisation, and the importance of ensuring their payroll is handled in a professional manner.

2. The increasing number of Asia-based employees and increasing complexity of their compensation packages.

3. The increasing virtualization of HR administration, which has allowed work that previously entailed locally based employees working with government bureaus to be handled from an online location.

In recent times, outsourcing has revolutionised the way businesses in Asia operate. In the beginning it was restricted to functions like payroll process and data entry, but over time it’s developed to include the customer service operations market, bringing outsourcing to the forefront – meaning more and more businesses are starting to take notice.

Payroll outsourcing is key to this revolution. Companies focusing on maximizing their profitability can’t afford to ignore the increasing complexities of payroll – whether it’s terminating, retrenching, or furloughing staff, there needs to be accountability in the way employees are treated, taxes handled, and questions answered.

Our Business Development team has been meeting up with existing and potential customers and learning how many are rethinking priorities due to market competition. They are seeing a distinct trend towards working with HR and payroll outsourcing firms to free up the precious time needed to focus on essential business activities.

Outsourcing is the most pragmatic and innovative solution that companies can rely on to stay ahead of technology as well as excel in business.

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