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activpayroll was recently named as a Major Contender and a Star Performer in Everest Group’s annual PEAK Matrix® Assessment of MCP providers. The report highlighted the importance of adopting a forward-thinking, future-proofed approach for today’s globalised economy.

Key areas highlighted by Everest Group include the adoption of AI, automation and integrations, all focused towards providing a cost-effective solution with fast implementation cycles. Flexibility and efficiency across continents is essential to cross-border payroll.

Flexibility and native-level advice

Considering the many nuances of each region is central to offering flexibility to your employee base. Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix® Assessment stresses the importance of payroll partners evolving their offerings by streamlining solutions across geographies and centralising procedures to address the intricacies of cross-border employment.

Managing payroll across multiple countries can become a complicated task amidst regulatory, legal and cultural differences, illuminating the importance of a localised partner. Maintaining a network of local experts in each country ensures compliance and a level of customisation to suit each market and its unique challenges.

For example, scalable pricing models and temporary service adjustments will vary depending on specific economic conditions of each country. Through a network of local partners, we are able to offer native guidance and support throughout the payroll process.

Embracing technology

The integration of technology is important to the evolution of payroll. Harnessing advanced technologies like cloud computing creates a flexible infrastructure where employees can access data via the internet without the need for downloads or on-premises facilities. AI and automation play a similarly crucial role in enabling multi-country payroll providers to refine their process.

Today’s technology eliminates the need for manual data entry with the likes of employee self-service portals and automatic integration of various sources. Payroll reports are also revolutionised with AI providing machine-level insights into payroll costs, trends and discrepancies across continents.

Implementation of robust compliance management is essential to stay updated with changing regulations and ensure your practices align with the laws in each country. This includes frequent audits, monitoring of legislative changes and proactive adjustments which can all be harnessed via automation.

Responding to changing economic conditions

Being able to adapt and respond to the evolving needs of the multi-country payroll landscape is paramount in today’s agile workforce. Creating a dynamic and adaptive user experience is a key factor in the Everest Group’s analysis of MCP’s Major Contenders.

The evolution of our activ8 platform was highlighted by Everest Group for demonstrating “commitment to deliver value-driven outcomes and enhanced user experience”, as well as a “robust vision and roadmap, collaborative partnerships and consistent efforts to meet buyer expectations”.

It’s in this agile and forward-thinking nature where the ease and efficiency reaches our clients. Technology is tailored to bring the best from each business, proving significant for our partnerships with leading providers across the HR value chain including UKG, Zalaris and Cornerstone, as well as certified Workday integrations in 21 countries.

activpayroll - A Major Contender and a Star Performer across Global, EMEA and APAC

Everest Group’s Multi-Country Payroll Solutions PEAK Matrix® Assessment illustrated our impact across global markets in over 150 countries, providing improved error validation, global payroll calendars and “intelligent rules for easy insight generation”.

Our analytics module, ‘eReports’, is integrated with Tableau and provides descriptive analytics across all countries of operation, allowing for full visibility of your payroll. Our multi-country payroll solutions are currently bringing clarity to over 500 businesses worldwide. Learn more about our global offering and book a demo today.

Download Everest Group multi-country payroll solutions PEAK Matrix® assessment.

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