Get to know the Senior Global Payroll Coordinator of activpayroll’s Americas Region.

What is your name?

Jessica Crawford

What is your job title?

Senior Global Payroll Coordinator

What do you do?

I coordinate payrolls for the Americas region and assist in organising and supporting the US activpayroll team members.

What key skills do you bring to activpayroll?

I have a strong background in customer service and bookkeeping with experience in payroll. Working in a variety of roles before finding activpayroll has provided me with a varying knowledge that I have been able to put to use at activpayroll. I am also very detail oriented and always have the customer experience in mind.

What gives you the most satisfaction about your job?

Being able to solve an intricate issue for customers and maintaining a positive work relationship with customers and partners alike.

How did you get into the Payroll/Tax industry and why?

In high school I gravitated towards accounting and financial classes because I have always enjoyed working with numbers. After high school I started my first bookkeeping position where I began learning payroll.

What has been the most challenging project you’ve worked on at activpayroll and why?

I have been at activpayroll since the Florida office opened in 2017 and have had many learning experiences as well as some challenges along the way. Overall, I would say the most challenging experience was when I was maintaining the US office workload by providing service for all the Florida office payrolls during a period of time when the customer demand was at an all-time high due to new contracts being won.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement outside of activpayroll?

While I have completed many great accomplishments in life so far, I believe my greatest achievement is yet to come.

What company value means the most to you and why?

Being passionate because when you are passionate about a job then you not only love doing it, but it seems more interesting to you and as a result you become more attentive and focused towards getting your work completed.

Do you have any hobbies/what do you like to do in your free time?

To keep fit I enjoy kickboxing and I’m also a member of a belly dance troupe in Sarasota, FL. When I am not practicing dance or at the gym I also enjoy reading and learning new things.

Who is your professional role model and why?

Sarah Breedlove who was the first child born into her family after slavery was abolished in the USA and all of her older siblings and parents had been slaves before her. She is one of my role models because despite her upbringing and the hardships faced during the time she launched her own company, employed thousands, and became the most successful entrepreneur of her time.

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be and why?

I would have dinner with my dad, Thomas Crawford. He was a teacher and had enthusiasm for everything he did in life but passed away when I was in my early twenties after a long battle with cancer. It would be great to hear about his ideas and perspectives and to share my own now.

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