Get to know our EMEA Payroll Delivery Assistant Manager, Elle Crawford.

What is your name?

Elle Crawford

What is your job title?

EMEA Payroll Delivery Assistant Manager

What do you do?

I manage and support the EMEA Payroll Team based in Aberdeen, UK.

What key skills do you bring to activpayroll?

I feel that I have built up a good knowledge of the EMEA payroll process over the past 4 years. I like to ensure I support the EMEA payroll team in any way I can to increase their knowledge and ensure payrolls are sent out accurately and in a timely manner. I feel that I bring a positive and committed attitude to activpayroll and believe that this has a positive effect on the EMEA payroll team.

What gives you the most satisfaction about your job?

Being involved in promoting members of the team and seeing them perform well in their role gives me a great sense of achievement. Receiving positive feedback from customers and partners also keeps me motivated on a daily basis.

How did you get into the Payroll/Tax industry and why?

I previously worked in the Oil and Gas industry and came to activpayroll with no previous payroll experience. The payroll/tax industry was very new to me, but I feel within my 4 years at activpayroll working in different roles I have gained a wide knowledge and understanding of global payroll.

What has been the most challenging project you’ve worked on at activpayroll? Why?

The most challenging project I have worked on at activpayroll would be the opening of our new global offices. It was an extremely busy time, but it was a great learning experience which we wouldn’t have managed without the teamwork and commitment from all of the offices involved. I learnt a lot about the set up and requirements for specific countries’ payrolls which gave me an even better understanding of the implementation process.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement outside of activpayroll?

I think my greatest achievement outside of activpayroll would be the fundraising I have taken part in over the past few years for a local charity very close to my heart. My friends, family and myself have taken part in many running events to raise money and awareness. Taking part in charity events is very important to me as I have seen the benefits it can provide for family members. I also try to take part in at least one of the charity events through activpayroll every year!

What company value means the most to you and why?

‘Passionate’ means the most to me as I think it is one of the most important values in any company. I think activpayroll is extremely committed when it comes to the work that we do and the services we offer. I believe this is led from the top and it encourages the teams to have a passion for their work.

Do you have any hobbies/ what do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy socialising with friends and family in my spare time. I rarely have a quiet weekend, but when I do you can normally find me at a spa having a pamper!

Who is your professional role model and why?

I don’t have one specific role model, but I feel that a variety have inspired and assisted me into the person I have become. I believe that commitment and determination have played a key part in my development over the past few years.

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be and why?

I would love to go for dinner with Michelle Obama as I think she seems like a very inspiring and interesting person!

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