Alison Begins Training for Gruelling Charity Cycles

Alison Begins Training for Gruelling Charity Cycles

With her first cycle in August fast approaching, Alison has been training hard to ensure she is in top shape for her challenges.

Due to the physically demanding nature of these upcoming cycles, Alison has been putting in a lot of training in order to prepare. Despite her hectic work schedule, she’s been spending her weekends road cycling throughout Aberdeenshire. Alison recently spent a Sunday cycling over 46 miles in under four hours, just over half of what she’ll be cycling on day one of Ride the North.

In addition to preparing herself through lengthy cycles, Alison has also been working tirelessly at the gym before and after work. Her personal trainer has been helping her with strength training which will help improve how quickly she can produce force when cycling. In addition, Alison has been attending spin classes at the new state-of-the-art cycling studio at David Lloyd Gym. These in-door cycling sessions allow Alison to track her progress through instructor lead classes to keep her motivation going.

In June, Alison will be joining the activpayroll team to take part in the Kilt Walk, a 26 mile walk starting in Aberdeen and continuing out into the Aberdeenshire countryside. The following weekend, Alison and some of the team will also take part in the Moon Walk, a 26 mile walk throughout Edinburgh starting at midnight. In order to prepare for these walks, Alison has been doing a lot of power walking, she recently completed a 28 mile walk around London on the day of the London Marathon.

Alison Sellar, CEO of activpayroll, comments: “Keeping fit and raising money for charity are two great passions of mine, therefore what better way to combine the two? I understand that these cycles are going to require a lot from me in terms of my physical ability, however I’m always up for a challenge and I’m using any spare time I have in order to prepare.”