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Our key teams in a nutshell

Global Payroll

The Global Payroll team is responsible for ensuring that all our global customers’ international employees are paid accurately and on time in line with the rules and regulations within the various countries of operation. The team provide a comprehensive and flexible payroll solution to our customers, which is fully scalable for small, medium and large organisations. Our Global Payroll services are bespoke, highly flexible and tailored to meet customers’ individual requirements in support of their specific business objectives.


  • Checking integrity and validation of payroll data
  • Maintenance of employee records
  • Payroll processing
  • Dedicated employee payroll helplines
  • Ensuring fiscal and statutory compliance including Data Protection
  • Managing integration with accounting systems
  • Managing interfaces with third-party systems
  • Comprehensive financial reporting
  • Payroll audit and due diligence
  • Adherence to in country legislations
  • Consistent, standard global reporting in all countries of operation
  • Local language reporting

Global Mobility

The Global Mobility team (including our Audit & Compliance division) delivers a comprehensive range of core compliance services and planning and advisory solutions to our UK and overseas customers. Our services and solutions ensure that organisations are fully compliant from an employment taxes perspective, at both an employee and employer level, in all jurisdictions in which your organisation operates whilst, at the same time, delivering income tax and social security efficiencies through effective employment structuring and remuneration planning.


Core Compliance Services

  • Internationally mobile employee home and host country tax counselling sessions
  • Personal income tax return preparation
  • Social security A-1 or Certificate of Coverage applications
  • Hypothetical income tax and/or social security calculations and reconciliations
  • Net pay comparison, COLA data and employer cost projection calculations
  • Global assignee management - creation and management of internationally mobile employee trackers

UK Specific Core Compliance Services 

  • Short Term Business Visitor (STBV) arrangement and Net of Tax Credit Relief Scheme applications and ongoing processing and management
  • Modified PAYE/NIC Scheme implementation, administration and management
  • UK PAYE Dispensation and PSA applications and reporting and P11D preparation

Planning and Advisory Services

  • Creation, design and review of International Assignment, Tax Equalisation, Tax Protection and other International mobilisation policies, procedures, guidelines, roadmaps and principles
  • International Mobilisation/Transfer letter template creation, design and review
  • Employee and employer contractual employment structuring including Global Employment Company implementation and management
  • New territory cost analytics, guidance, support and advice
  • Immigration (work permit, residence permit etc.) and employment law guidance, support and advice
  • Remuneration structuring including income tax and social security efficient structuring of cash payments and non cash benefits
  • Double tax treaty and social security reciprocal agreement analysis, planning and guidance
  • Income tax and social security guidance, support and advice in relation to any type of international mobilisation (including short term business trips, assignments, rotational or commuting mobilisations, traditional expatriate mobilisations, permanent transfers etc)
  • International Equity income planning, management and administration


The Finance team at activpayroll ensure the financial integrity of the Group across all our entities. This involves the timely and accurate processing of invoices for our customers, partners and suppliers whilst ensuring good customer service and strong internal controls. We produce financial and management information for the directors and managers across the Group and ensure that all financial statutory requirements are satisfied. The key to delivering these goals is through having strong systems, knowledgeable staff working as a team within Finance and across the business and a process of continuous review and improvement.


  • Recording all financial transactions affecting the Group
  • Ensuring strong internal controls
  • Production of financial and management information
  • Ensure all financial statutory requirements are satisfied across all activpayroll entities and territories
  • Development of and continuous review of finance and related systems


activTechnology is responsible for all aspects of IT within activpayroll, from ensuring our applications provide the right functionality and are always available, through to ensuring that customers’ payroll data is secure and can be used effectively throughout their payroll process. With over twenty successful independent and customer audits behind us and over a century of collective experience in IT, our customers can rest assured that activTechnology are well placed to maximise the efficiencies and accuracies the latest technology offers.   


  • Design, development, testing and deployment of all activpayroll software applications
  • Design, configuration, testing and deployment of all application integrations, including: Workday, SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Microsoft Dynamics and many more
  • Managing the availability (uptime) of all IT services
  • Managing and testing the Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
  • Managing the activpayroll Service Desk
  • Technical audits (independent and Customer)
  • Penetration testing (network and application)
  • Information security
  • Data protection

Success Story

I joined activpayroll five years ago as a Payroll Administrator in the Aberdeen office. Just over a year after I joined the company, I was made Senior Payroll Administrator, and six months later I was then promoted to Team Leader. After going through a cross-departmental move to our Global Payroll team where I fulfilled the role of Global Service Delivery Manager, I have recently made the move to our Edinburgh office where I hold the position of Global Implementation Manager. 

The nature of the payroll cycle means that every day at work is different – it’s not a boring job by any means! If you have never worked in payroll before, it’s easy to think of it as a simple process which just involves a payslip and money going into an employee’s bank account; in reality, there is so much more to the job.  

The best thing about my role is the rewarding feeling I get when I’m able to deliver exactly what the client wanted. I am proud to say that our team will go the extra mile for our clients. I’m very much of the opinion that if there is any way we can do it, we should do it.

Overall, I am constantly learning something new every day which is a great opportunity in itself. It’s quite unbelievable what you learn through a career in payroll that you wouldn’t expect to!  

Portrait of Nicola Stirling
Nicola Stirling Global Implementation Manager