Quality Management & Assurance

activpayroll is dedicated to delivering services to our customers that surpass the highest quality standards and this is underpinned by the Quality Management systems employed at activpayroll. As part of our Business Management system, a suite of bespoke Quality Management processes and procedures developed specifically for activpayroll are in place to ensure that quality standards are achieved on a continual basis.

The Management Team continually demonstrate the necessary commitment to quality assurance activities in order to establish a culture of high standards and continuous improvement. Each member of our team has a personal responsibility to achieve the quality standards and to support the significant investment that is made in terms of training, monitoring and enhancement of our systems and processes.

A comprehensive system of payroll audit and reporting is in place in order to record “real time” performance which permits comparison between measured performance and the established performance standards in order to determine the quality performance of the business to ensure the effectiveness of the Quality Management Systems.

activpayroll’s quality assurance activities support the company policy of “Get It Right First Time” by focussing on customer requirements, competence and training of our team, effective knowledge transfer and individual empowerment and accountability for quality.