Case Study

Centerfield Case Study

The business:

Centerfield drives more than two million sales each year for residential services, business services and telecommunications brands such as AT&T, Charter Spectrum and Frontier Communications. Their technology platform, Dugout, and leading consumer guides engage with in-market consumers to help them purchase the right product or service, including internet connections, TV plans, phone, and security, for their home and business.

The challenges:

Prior to partnering with activpayroll and UKG, Centerfield Media were using a separate HR management solution and individual payroll providers for their USA and Jamaica payroll populations. From an HR perspective, Centerfield Media’s process for onboarding new employees and tracking that data was very time-consuming, relying on Centerfield resources to collect and move data around. From an accounting point of view the biggest challenge was reporting, with no integration of the USA and Jamaica payroll results and significant manual effort to consolidate. These complexities forced Centerfield’s Accounting and HR teams to work with ineffective and labour-intensive processes, leaving limited time to focus on their business priorities.

Our solutions:

Centerfield Media deployed UKG Pro as their global HR solution and USA payroll solution before implementing the UKG Pro integration to activpayroll’s activ8 platform. The integration provides HR data (including global employees’ demographic, banking, and other pay-related information) and includes the return of summarized gross-to-net details for Jamaica. The seamless UKG Pro integration not only integrates the USA and Jamaica data into one cohesive solution for the first time, but also introduces some much-needed automation, adding efficiency, making the process much less time consuming and reducing the risk of errors.


The activpayroll and UKG Pro integration has replaced all manual processes Centerfield Media was previously enduring with HR and payroll-related data, reduced their processing labour time and improved the processing accuracy. The cost savings and time given back to the HR and Accounting teams now allows them to be more productive and focus on Centerfield’s most important asset – their people.

Like any company starting a new integration, we faced some challenges that we could not have predicted, however it’s the way that activpayroll helped us get through this, figuring it out and taking total responsibility that spoke volumes and made me confident that we’d made the right decision, at that point I knew we’d picked the right partner.

VP Human Resources Centerfield