Case Study

ABMC Case Study

The business:

Established by Congress in 1923, the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) commemorates the service, achievements and sacrifice of U.S. armed forces. ABMC manages 24 overseas military cemeteries, 26 memorials, monuments and markers. Nearly all the cemeteries and memorials specifically honour those who served in World War I or World War II.

The challenges:

  • Take over the payroll process for 7 different country locations (France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Tunisia and the UK)
  • Absence of an HR system meaning that any data and inputs were being recorded via spreadsheets and word documents
  • Employees spread across 12 different locations in France, 3 locations in Belgium, 3 locations in Italy, 2 locations in the UK, and 1 location in each Netherlands, Luxembourg and Tunisia
  • The prior 6 months of payslips, more than 2800 of them, needed to be recalculated in order to go live with accurate figures for the contributions

Our solutions:

activpayroll were able to implement a managed global payroll solution that would meet all of the needs of ABMC through:

  • Global Payroll: An outsourced global payroll processing solution was established, with the assistance of HR within activpayroll
  • activ8: activpayroll’s software, activ8, was implemented, allowing for online payslips and annual statements; comprehensive reporting of people, job and project costs; the safe transfer of documents between client and third parties and an online timesheet system which would replace the manual process
  • activTechnology: The activTechnology team provided dedicated software developers and IT specialists who were able to integrate the activpayroll system with other business management systems. GL files were also built allowing to assist the client with Journal Accuracy


  • The payroll calculations improved, allowing for miscalculated contributions as a result of legal rates updates to be fixed
  • Reporting was enhanced, with the new payroll system providing accurate and legally compliant reports
  • Data input was improved meaning that the chance of manual input errors was eradicated
  • ABMC are now using activ8 as their HR system with a focus on ePeople and eTime
  • The implementation was effective; a dedicated team was appointed; thus allowing the payroll to be successfully established, with employees receiving payments accurately and on time

activpayroll's commitment to customer service is genuine and palpable and we have developed an abiding sense of partnership with their incredible team. They clearly are an industry leader and we are proud to be associated with them.

Human Resources Officer ABMC