Contracts Administrator

Aberdeen, Scotland — Contracts & Commercial


Responsible for preparing, examining, analysing and revising contracts, comparing bids and ensuring compliance over the terms of the agreement.


Principal Duties

  • Assisting with the management of company contracts ranging from customer contracts to supplier negotiations;
  • Understand the specific mandates in a contract and make sure that all parties involved fulfil obligations and adhere to its specific terms, conditions, rights, the accuracy of deliveries;
  • Activities concerned with preparation of bids; Review of quotes from vendor firms for conformity to contract requirements and determine acceptable quotes;
  • Draft service orders instructing the specific services to be performed (scope), time schedule and rates;
  • Activities concerned with contract administration process including the management of contract amendments or extensions of contracts, additional work request forms, change notification forms, change request forms, administration of rate increases, terminations, contract correspondence etc
  • New vendors sourcing, selecting and due diligence;
  • Ensuring the vendors understand the company global delivery model and activpayroll expectations; keeping them abreast of new initiatives and changes within the global delivery model;
  • Maintenance of the catalogue of rates for the subcontractors, checking that invoicing protocol is adhered to by subcontractors; General administration of the subcontractors database;
  • Maintenance of both client/vendor contract database used to track and analyse every contract;
  • Assisting senior management with negotiating contracts with customers or subcontractors, including contract drafting, contract clarifications etc.;
  • Monitoring vendors agreements are back to back with the client contracts escalating any discrepancy to the Contracts Manager when necessary;
  • Coordinate with finance staff to ensure proper billing and collection of contractual revenue;
  • Maintain an audit file for each contract which will include original contract, all correspondence, changes/deviations, amendments, clarifications, rates schedules.
  • May act as liaison between company and subcontractors/clients
  • Tracking authorisations and correspondence.

Service Excellence

  • Responds effectively to queries from clients, employees and vendors

Team Focus

  • Participates in team meetings
  • Prioritising workload on a day to day basis

Commercial Awareness

  • Identify and highlight any process improvements;
  • Identify and highlight ad hoc requests and opportunities for work that would incur additional fees;
  • Ensure that all work is completed and presented accurately and within company policy;
  • Deliver results within strict deadlines.

Professional & Personal Development

  • Development opportunities identified at appraisal annually and live development plan in place


  • Ability to develop a standard contract using appropriate language; contract drafting;
  • Excellent written and grammatical skills with a high attention to detail and the ability to communicate clearly and concisely;
  • Solid problem-solving skills, able to identify, risk assess, propose and apply solutions to issues in real time
  • Strong computer skills with excellent knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite;
  • The capacity to adequately handle a fast-paced working environment;
  • The capacity to meet project deadlines;
  • Ability to work as an individual contributor and team player;
  • Working as a contract administrator requires a degree of customer support skill, ensuring internal and external client & vendor relations are running smoothly when it comes to contract drafting and negotiation;
  • Works with professionalism and integrity to uphold reputation of team and company.
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