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The activ8 eLeave tool provides a solution to one of the most time consuming and contentious areas of people management, leave management. eLeave has been designed to allow for all global jurisdictions. Any leave type can be created, accrued, removed, and managed via this truly flexible tool.

For the ever increasing globally mobile workforce, multi-country leave for employees depending on where they work as apposed to where they are domicile is allowed for. The eLeave system also incorporates the multi level authority system and functions necessary to thoroughly manage the leave of your employees, departments, and organisations.


eLeave approvers can swiftly overview their teams leave applications and coordinate leave between team members, utilising simple graphical displays, carefully designed to make your decision making simple. eLeave has been designed as a global model, to allow for transient employees and approvers that may not be located in the same city or country as the employee whose leave they manage.

Benefit: eLeave records, tracks and manages employee leave with minimal administration and maximum efficiency. eLeave is highly configurable and can facilitate multiple leave types. Like all other activ8 tools, eLeave can be accessed online 24/7, wherever you are, whenever you need it.

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